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Listening  is the key

When we love someone, when we sense distress, when we care about each other – we listen. Whether as friends, parents, brothers or sisters, listening is the most valuable gift we can give to our loved ones. That is what we offer to you today, and every day or night. We are here for you.

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Chaverim Makshivim - Listening Friends

The hotline for religious teenagers and parents

Even the strongest of us experience moments of weakness. We all need a safety net to support us in times of need, when we find ourselves struggling. 

That is what we are here for


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Chaverim Makshivim (“listening friends”) hotline provides teenagers, young adults and parents some practical and effective tools and knowledge to cope successfully with everyday challenges. 


The guidance we offer includes multiple key topics: family relationships and parenthood, feelings and emotions, anxiety and depression, social relationships, Tzniut, Emuna questions, internet challanges, personal dilemmas, social media, the challenges of new Olim, and many other issues that religious teenagers and adults face with every single day. 


The hotline staff includes senior and experienced professionals from various fields of expertise and disciplines: psychologists, clinical social workers, educational consultants, adolescence experts, and informal education professionals. They are all operate through nights and days, voluntarily, in order to make sure that none of our kids are left alone. This is a one of a kind professional hotline, that enables every teenager and parent to share their problems and receive significant tools to start feeling better. 


Ohad Shkalim, Director of Chaverim Makshivim

3 easy ways to start feeling better







the internet hotline

No presure. No limitations. Just sharing.

Sit back in front of the computer and just tell us how you feel! Describe in detail any troubling experiences, dilemmas, thoughts and questions. 

Our staff is ready to respond and offer empathy, encouragement and some useful ideas for you to try – all for you to feel better as quickly as possible.  

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The Phone Hotline

There is always a friendly voice waiting for your call

There are times when we just need to speak to someone who listens and understands. Its sounds so simple, and yet we all know how hard it could be. That is exactly why we offer teenagers and parents the opportunity to call and talk to us freely and anonymously.

The WhatsApp Hotline

Immediate response – on a familiar medium

Chatting on WhatsApp has become the most common means of communication, especially for teenagers and young adults. Its available, convenient and a familiar tool to converse. Our WhatsApp hotline is the latest development, designed to make teenagers as comfortable as possible to share and consult.



Something new is born!

English Speakers Hotline

Israel is a homeland for Jews from all around the world. We speak different languages, but we all share a common main language: the language of the heart. Chaverim Makshivim (“listening friends”)  hotline opens up its heart to English speakers everywhere, who face unique experiences in the Israeli society. We also welcome members of the Jewish communities across the globe, that are looking for ways to preserve and celebrate their values, identity and legacy.

We invite you all to reach out to us, tell us what you are going through and share your success stories as well as the difficulties and dilemmas you encounter. Together – we shall grow stronger. 

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Feedbacks and Thanks 


Daniel, 15 

I had no one I could talk to without being embarresed to share my honest feelings and difiiculties. Your hotline was my last resort. Thank you for not judging me, and for listening so patiently.

Girl by the Lake

Rachel, 18

Going through trouble with my friends  at school was hard, but being all alone in this situation was unbarreble. thank you for being there with me, encouraging me and giving me strength co overcome. You are the best!

Girl Texting

Yael, 42

When I realised my son was visiting undesent websites, I didn't know what to do or how to react. Your calming attitude, the information and guidance you gave me, helped me to regroup, relax, and to approach this complex challange from a much stronger standpoint. It was a true blessing. 



We would love to hear from you! Please share with us your comments, ideas, suggestions or questions.

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If you're looking to make a difference, we're looking for you!


We recruit English speaking volunteers for our hotline, from the age of 21, who has relevant experience and education in the fields of education and youth.


For applying and further information please contact us.




Your donation can help many more teenagers to receive a guiding hand. Clike here to submit your donation. 



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